Sunday, September 30, 2007

Justin Timberlake & Beyonce' "Until the End of Time"

photo: YBF
Justin Timberlake and Beyonce' "Until the End of Time"...cute love song. JT & Beyonce teamed up to make the remix for his Future Sex/Love Sounds album to be re-released sometime this year. JT has a solid album... He has really grown since ..."Cry Me a River".. I know he's glad he got over Britney and bringing Sexyback. You go JT!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Kelis has a style of her own

This sliver jacket reminds me of something from Michael Jackson's wardrobe. Kelis thought she looked cute leaving the U.S. Weekly Hot Hollywood Party.
She rocks a purse and boots to match.
This reminds me of... a costume from a Dr. Seuss children's book. "No I do not like green eggs and ham"..maybe Kelis does.
That's my girl, though..check out our photo on the side before she got a haircut. LOL

"It's a boy" for Usher and Wife

Usher announced that his wife Tameka is expecting a boy. He is so happy to have his "mini-me"...Usher Raymond V on the way. Like father like son.
Congrats! to the couple.

The Carters...Dewayne and Antonia

Lil Wayne and his ex-wife Antonia "Toya" Carter..They both all up in Vibe (November issue) talking about thier relationship and how she met Dewayne in the 7th grade and gave birth to their now 8yr daughter when she was 14yrs old.

"Toya" tells Vibe.."My seventh grade year, we started messing around then - up until high school. I got pregnant with my daughter during high school. We were boyfriend/girlfriend, in love."

they called themselves "boyfriend & girlfriend" and in love..what ever happened to "puppy love" they have a 8yr old child.

She says that Lil Wayne takes good care of their daughter and considers her and Lil Weezy good friends.

That's funny because Lil Wayne is in the article expressing his feelings for Karrine Steffan..He says " I just love her. That's like my big sister and homie-lover-friend. I ain't never found a homie-lover-friend 'til Karrine."

We wonder what's that's all about??..but if it has anything to deal with Karrine we don't even want to know. Lil Wayne's baby momma should just run since he is calling Karrine his "homie-lover-friend"

Please comment on the photo.

Kanye & Family

photo:Jon Kopaloff/Filmmagic

Kanye & Mother-Dr. Donda West
Kanye hanging out with future step son

Kanye & finance' Alexis Phifer

That's so good Kanye West don't have to worry about his mom, talking behind his finance' Alexis Phifer's back..this is because Kanye's mom, Dr. Donda West thinks very highly of her.She states in People magazine that “I think she’s a very outstanding young woman"... “She’s quite talented, very intelligent, very creative. Very sweet, thoughtful, generous. I can’t think of one negative thing I would say about her, even in private!”

“The best thing that I love about her is that she loves my son,” she said. “You can’t beat that.”
That's so sweet..also she probably knows that her son, Kanye is a hand full.

"What You Know about That"

T.I. and Tiny did it up "Untouchables" style..but at least they read the invitation.."come suited and booted".. It looks like Lil' Wayne was all wrong for wearing that bright red baseball hat and a white t-shirt. I guess this is what he calls "dressed up" with his tatoos showing but at least he attempted to "throw on a tie"...since it was his birthday party..good he didn't come in his "birthday suit"
Like they say, "you can take a man out the hood, but you can't take the hood out the man"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

new song from Justin Timberlake & Beyonce

Justin Timberlake and Beyonce team up to do the remix for Justin's "Until the End of Time" I am really feeling this song..even without B's vocals.

Jay Z new album cover

"American Gangster" makes this Jay Z's 10th album. It is inspired by the movie "American Gangster" starring Denzel Washington in theaters November 2nd.

"Blue Magic" the first single from the c.d.

I know when I think of "Blue Magic" I think of "hair grease" my momma used to grease my hair up with to form a perfect pig-tail, but it is referring to "something else" in the to go watch it to know what they are talking bout though.
Both the album cover and Movie poster looks like something gangster. So I know the kind of "Blue Magic" they are talking bout will get you in some trouble.

"The Media King & Queen"

Kanye West @ "The Wendy Williams Experience Show"...I see they both love "Attention"

Kanye West

photo: Pretty on the outside

Kanye West just too much for himself right now! I checked out the video after he left the Wendy Williams show and the guy asked him about "Wendy" and he thought the guy said "Winning" so he rambled on about being #1 and his record sales being on top and the guy was like..ok, I asked you about Wendy...Kanye is a hot mess. Got to love him!


My mic sounds nice check 1,..My mic sounds nice check 2, are you ready for Salt-N-Pepa's Reality show on VH1?? Looks like they didn't even age at all since the "Push It" days, unless they got "some work" done..Looks like Pepa has a nose job and lost some weight.

Anyway, I am ready to check out thier Celebreality Show on October 15th! I wonder what have Cheryl "Salt" James and Sandra "Pepa" Denton been up to these days.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Karrine Steffans

She's baaack! With her new book "The Vixen Diaries"

If you thought Karrine's "Video Vixen" book was a page's excerpts from her new "tell-it-all" book speaking on her encounter with Jamie Foxx and Bill Maher.
That's good Jamie Foxx ran from her web.
I feel sad for her son, Naiim having to be placed in Child Services..because his mother, Karrine is a real basket case.

Jamie Foxx told her, "Damn, you're pretty!" when they met. "When Jamie Foxx offers to massage your body at four in the morning, after a bottle of Champagne and two shots of Patron, it's hard to say no," she writes. However, Jamie soon figured out she was "that Karrine." Foxx ran in the other direction, leaving the author "depressed. Jamie had no idea that he made me cry all the way home and in the days that followed."

Comic Bill Maher delivered her greatest heartache. "In January of 2006, Bill and I split. Three days later, I suffered an emotional breakdown and was sent to the hospital for psychiatric observation. I cut my wrists and started drinking myself into an emotional tailspin. At the end of the night, the love of my life was gone and so was my son, Naiim," taken away by Child Services.
To name a few: the book talks about her being with Shaq, Cuba Gooding, Bobby Brown, RayJ, Mike Tyson.

Momma don't take no mess..

Where's Usher's wife Tameka? I guess, Usher's mother Jonetta didn't want her in the picture. Can we all just get along?? Tameka interviewed with Essence talking about she get along with Usher's mom, but who knows that can be one-sided..Does Usher's mom approves her new daughter-in-law?? I guess she feels that they came too far to feed Usher to the wolves..

Beyonce was there representing for Usher as he showcased his new fragrance.

Big Boi & Atlanta Ballet

Big Boi & Atlanta Ballet will perform together in
Atlanta at the Fabulous Fox-April 10-13, 2008.

He will perform music from the album Stankonia & SpeakerBoxx/Love Below while the cute ballerinas spin around on their toes.

The performance seems to be very creative..I look forward to checking it out! Even though, Big Boi will not be in a tutu and tights..I know that would have been too funny.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Halloween (early) from Lil Weezy...

photo: C& D

Greetings from the so-called, "best rapper alive"..Lil Weezy and his look alike Gremlin.
Trick or Treat time is not even here yet and I think this would make a good poster for a school Halloween party...It's really spooky...Boo!

Did Tracey upgrade something??

photo spotted at :Bossip

Tracey Edmonds looks like she changed up some things..Maybe it could be the nose..yeah, that's what I would guess.

Alicia Keys on 106 & Park

Alicia Keys on 106 & Park..Her new video "No One" debuted this week. Cute look.

Birthday Boy- Lil Wayne and Deelishis

Lil Wayne and Deelishis in Houston at Weezy's birthday party. I see she did away with her wigs/weaves and trying to sport a new hair cut. Not a good look on her.. but I guess she is trying to stay in the picture since Flav Flav is no longer interested.

Beyonce - American Express commercial (FULL)

Beyonce has big thangs poppin! Her mom, dad, and cousin, and most likely the guy is her choreographer are all up in the commerical..You Go Girl!!
I also peeped the "The Devil Wears Prada" theme. LOL

Beyonce's American Express ad

Beyonce is chilling at home on the sofa in house shoes. Just looking relaxed..I know that's right when you have an American Express card, life is like a bunch of chocolates..

Check out her reminds me of "Devil Wears Prada" movie because she says..I've been to Milan but never seen Milan..that's a part in the movie when they go to the fashion shows. Also she has her family all up in the commerial..Good deal.

Albums in Stores Now!

photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Keyshia Cole "Just Like You" in Stores Today-

Keyshia, Missy and Lil' Kim visited BET to perform "Let it Go" Missy says.."when song comes on in the club..they say...damnnn, that's hot! "

Go support Keyshia with her 2nd album!

Jill Scott's "The Real Thing" in stores today!

Listen to it over at VH1's the Leak. You can't even "Hate on Me" for buying this one.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Jo Lo Album cover

Jennifer Lopez "Brave" album in stores October 9th! Glamorous shots!

Jill Scott album & movie

Jill Scott's album "The Real Thing" in stores September 25th!

Check out Jill Scott in Tyler Perry's new movie"Why Did I get Married?" (same question I've asked myself too) LOL
I will be seeing the movie..

Keyshia Cole album in stores tomorrow!

Keyshia Cole "Just Like You" out in Stores Tuesday, September 25th!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Nik from Cycle 5-America's Next Top Model..on the cover of Wedding Dresses
I was checking out the magazines at Publix and didn't recognize her at first..then, I was like...ok, this is Nik from ANTM...Good for her..she is still trying to up her modeling game, although, she didn't win the title of ANTM.'s really nice to see that she's doing her thang...trying to look like a black Angelina Jolie.. LOL

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ciara modeling Rocawear

Check Ciara out modeling more Rocawear styles for Fall, on the Tyra Banks Show, Friday, Sept. 28th.

Ciara Rocawear Ad

Ciara bringing something new & fresh with the Rocawear advertisements..Cute Look.... I guess the 1st photo she forgot she was "modeling" and was having flashbacks to when she was "dancing" in the "Promise" video.

Friday, September 21, 2007

This can't be happening...

According to the Associated Press..all is not free with Jena Six-

JENA, La. - A judge on Friday denied a request to release a teenager whose arrest in the beating of a white classmate sparked this week's civil rights protest in Louisiana.
Mychal Bell is one of the group known as the “Jena Six.” His request to be freed while an appeal is being reviewed was rejected at a juvenile court hearing, effectively denying him any chance at immediate bail, a person familiar with the case told The Associated Press

But, we are still determined to "Keep Hope Alive" as the Rev. Jesse Jackson would say.

"We are Somebody"

On Thursday, September 20, 2007....Thousands of folks marched in the town of Jena, Louisiana to show support for the students involved in the Jena 6.

I am glad so many people made a stand and crowded the streets like they did...Fight the Power!

I see Rev. Al Sharpton was in attendance. I guess it's no Rally without the Reverend!
Thank you to everybody that showed up and the photos to show the world that WE ARE SOMEBODY!!

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Today's Gossip is..