Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey Girl...

LaTavia looking all fab in 2009! Where has this former member of Destiny Child been?

LaTavia was spotted out at LeToya's birthday party in Houston...

Good to see LaTavia hanging out. She looks all grown up and a little different to me. But I remember her with that "red hair" and those cute big eyes. LOL

The Dream out and about...

The Dream was partying up at his album release party.

Looks like he has befriended a new girl...Christina Millan...

Is it me? But, I think she rocks black hair better than this dried straw-like blonde color...hopefully this is a weave and she can change it back when she get tired of this look. Yuck.

Ciara Fantasy stores soon

Word is that May 5th is the drop date for Ciara's much anticipated cd.

I surely hope Ci-Ci's album is better than the singles I've heard on the radio. I think I am a fan of her dancing more than her singing. LOL

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Say cheese...

This is quite interesting...
Lil Wayne mentioned that he brushes his teeth with "Colgate"...I wonder why not, Crest? or Aim? or Aquafresh, or Tom's Natural toothpaste. LOL
I guess because word is...that his blinged out grill, is worth $150, 000 worth of diamonds.

I bet just plain baking soda, will make it shine more. LOL

I don't know about you, but I just can't see all of that stuff up in my mouth, no matter what's the value. Just having the teeth that God gave us is a major up keep. LOL

Spring is in the air...

Here's a fresh Essence cover... Serena, Iman, and Tariji grace the cover of Essence, embracing one another. That's right, no matter what your age, young, old, or in-between, we can all look youthful and beautiful.

Kanye's new love...

It seems like Kanye is over his love lost. I really liked "Love lockdown" and "Heartless" but he will be singing a diffrent song with his new girlfriend...A lady by the name of Amber Rose has been spotted being all hugged up with Kanye.

They seem really fashionable together...Congrats on his new love.

Get it B...

Beyonce covers Ebony magazine.

I really like Beyonce's look on the cover. She looks like she's taking charge...also, she tells us a little something on being Jay Z's wife.

The Dream..album hit stores today

Track listing for Love v/s Hate album.

1."Money Intro"
2."Rockin' That Thang"
3. "Walkin' on the Moon"
4."My Love"
5."Put It Down"
6."Sweat It Out"
7."Take U Home 2 My Mama"
8."Love vs. Money"
9."Love vs. Money Part 2"
10. "Fancy"
11."Right Side of My Brain"
12. "Mr. Yeah"
13."Kelly's 12 Play"
14. "Let Me See the Booty
16."Rockin' That Thang Remix (Bonus Track)"
**sounds like it's an entertaining c.d. I might get it today myself. I'm jamming to "Rockin that Thang"..the radio version. LOL

Today's Gossip is..

Today's Gossip is..