Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ciara photo shoot...

Looks like Halloween...or a Pumpkin...The orange and black is not a cute look...or is it the hair?
Not a good look for you, boo.

Ciara doing it big...

Ciara on the cover of Muscle Magazine...Ooops, I meant to say Billboard magazine. She's is good shape though and fitness magazine won't be a bad idea for her. LOL

I hope her new album rocks the chart like her last one did...well, it did have some good singles..."Promise" and Get Up.

Nelly is the new face of Sean John Underwear...

So Ashanti doesn't have to go to Wal-Mart to buy Nelly's boxers...LOL

Must be nice...LOL

Nelly's album cover...

He looks like LL Cool J..."Mama said Knock You Out"...Just kidding!! Nice...abs!!
I guess "Brass Knuckles" is like bringing it back old school.

Sister's doing big thangs...

Solange is the new spokes lady for Armani Jeans... Beyonce is rocking an Armani suit for Fashion Rocks...


Movie straight to DVD...

Ciara's new movie "Mama I want to Sing" will be coming to a store near you...on DVD.

Wow, I guess, they figured it will not stand a chance to make it to the "big screen" movies.

Monica & Sons

Cute-Family Picture...Maybe Monica's baby daddy--Rocko said he will take the picture on "Tomorrow"?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hot Albums...

I am really digging Solange's single from her upcoming album..."I've Decided" is my Jam.
Something different and upbeat with a Diana Ross feel. LOL
Go Solange go...take it to another level, girl!!

Ne-Yo's "Year of the Gentleman" drops in September. Nice album Cover for the Gentleman..

Nas' album has knocked Lil Wayne's (The Carter III) down a knotch on the billboard charts.

The album cover is deep. No other words for it.

Foxy Brown speaks out...

Foxy Brown talks about Jay-Z in XXL. Poor girl...she has to dust her shoulders off because Jay-Z didn't come see her when she was locked up in Riker's. I know she considers Jay-Z a friend but he might not want to be associated with all of that.

By the way, I've heard that she's engaged to Rick Ross and also that Foxy and Lil'Kim are being sued for a book deal that never surfaced.

Amerie promo picture

Amerie trying to make a come back...I look forward to her new album. Work it! Amerie! Love the shades!!

Nas a stand up guy

Nas is speaking out about Faux news with Color of Change-

Good to see Nas go tell it on the Mountain...Yes, Change is what we believe in! Peace!

Kelly Rowland...3rd album in the works...

It looks like Kelly is back in the studio-
Way to go with Kelly's "Dust yourself off and try again"...attitude!
I've heard her last one didn't sell too well.

Nas & Kelis

Nas and Kelis spotted out and about... Is this a wig? Kelis need an extreme makeover in these pictures...Come on Kelis, this is not You, well, sort of...we are so used to the colored hair...but this is not cute.
Word to Nas: Please lose the vest
Word to Kelis: Please lose the hair and sandal boots. LOL

Today's Gossip is..

Today's Gossip is..