Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sweet Pea...

Beyonce is rocking her pea green jacket...looking quite cheerful...Maybe she's happy her sister's album is finally coming out. LOL

Solange's Album in stores today...

Pink is the new black...

Not sure if I will be buying it...but it's in stores for all of you Solange fans!!

T-Pain featuring who else...(Lil Wayne)

"I can't believe it" video...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Keyshia Cole's new venture...

Keyshia Cole is the new spokes lady for Pink Luster hair care...

Lil Wayne is spaced out!!

Lil Weezy is pictured on the October issue of XXL.

Be sure to pick up your copy to read more about what he has to say....not that it is anything important...like voting, education and how to save on gas or groceries. LOL

I guess, it's Wayne's World and we are living in it...I don't think so...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Michael Phelps is a fan of Young Jezzy...

U.S. Olympian (gold) swimmer Michael Phelps listens to Young Jezzy on his ipod...I guess it helps him get geared up to swim. LOL

That's good M. Phelps "Put on for his...Country" like Young Jezzy "Put on for his City"...

Kanye West on TV doing an Infomercial

Kanye is going over board..Kanye Tablets? I've heard it all...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Congrats to NBA baller...

You Go Boy!! Ray Allen has 2 rings...Celtics won the 2008 B-ball Championship and he's a married man.. Congrats are in order for Ray Allen and his new wife, long time fiancee.

It's glad to see that they tied the knot...3 kids later. LOL


photo: Michael Rozman

Fashion trend?

I see a lot of celebrities wearing printed crazy colored dresses...What you think...is is HOT or NOT?...I say, NOT...I guess, it just depends on who is wearing it and the fabric. LOL

Mary in her bold, colored dress....
Ciara trying to rock a long printed dress...it's just too long and she's tall. LOL We can't even see Ciara's shoes...not a good look on her...She looks boring.

Lisa Raye...looks fly!

Lisa Raye is showing her husband, or should I say..."soon to be ex-husband"...what's the business. LOL
Cute photo shoot.
Girl, give me that bag! LOL

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mary J. Blige relaxing in St. Tropez

Mary J. and her husband....looks like Mary been hitting the gym.

You go girl...
Must be nice to travel the world.
photos: brownsista.com

Saturday, August 16, 2008

SOLANGE handles herself well...

The guy that popped up on stage is a trip! LOL

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

OsoKrispie...remember her?

OsoKrispie -the winner of T-Boz's & Chilli's "R U The Girl" show. Well, she has a song coming out called "Slumber Party"...Good for her.
OsoKrispie has a personality similar to Left-Eye's...she was crazy fun.

Oh, the album is called "The Pink" album...due out late 2008. Oh, ok..this explains the "pink" popcorn. LOL

Laurie Ann...back to 1, 2, stepping...

Looks like Laurie Ann and P.Diddy are back cool since their fall-out a few seasons ago on Making the Band.

She's back on deck as his choregrapher for the next Making the Band.

Good for her. Diddy is not the most easiest person to please.

Kanye's "Champion" video

Go Kanye Muppet! You can do it! Great concept. Just in time for the Olympics.

Chris Brown and Rihanna...

Coupled up in Barbados...
I like Rihanna's Bikini...the mixed matched/ tiger print top & cheetah bottom is stylish.

Mrs.Beyonce Carter in LAX

Beyonce looks like she's losing some weight. She still looks fly.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bernie Mac will be missed!

Rest in Peace..Bernie Mac... Bernie Mac played Pastor Clever in the movie Friday....Pure comedy! LOL

Bernie Mac will be missed dearly in the entertainment world...may peace be with his family.

Something looks different?

L'Oreal denies changing up Beyonce's skin color for an ad....well, you be the judge...something does look different to me.

Go Obama Family!!

This is how we do it!!
Congrats...Proud Family!

Brandy and Daughter...

Way to go Brandy...when making albums just don't get it...try selling sneakers and weave. Cute- mommy and daughter picture.

Monica's new album cover?

Married for real, for real...

Well, I've heard that Jay-Z is keeping it on a hush, hush but they are indeed married for real...Jay-Z was like, I have to keep something in my life private.

Duh, so was I the only one that didn't believe it that is was true. LOL

Kelis is here...LOL

Kelis is here..red hair and hot pink shirt and all...LOL

Today's Gossip is..

Today's Gossip is..