Thursday, March 27, 2008

Girl, work it out!

Mary J. Blige was spotted getting her "work-out on"...I know it's no joke in that Miami heat...but like they say, "no pain, no gain."

Way to Go Mary...I got to hit the gym too, if I want to look good in my summer get ups. LOL

photo via TMZ

P.Diddy Twins

P. Diddy hangs out with his girls...Awwh, they look just like their daddy. They are identical too. Same head, and everything. LOL

Rainbow Bright...

Lil Wayne and Nieva hanging out at Noir in Atlanta.

I guess folks go to the club looking any kind of way....she looks like "Rainbow bright" and Lil Weezy's dreads look unkempt and fuzzy.

Hey, isn't Nieva married to The Dream?

Is that you "Free"?

Wow, this can't be the same "Free" from 106 & Park? This is not a good look for her at all!! Maybe when she was in the spotlight on t.v. she had a make-up and hair stylist. But it is no excuse for this...

Maybe she can bounce back with a few shampoos and flat-iron the for her face...she need to seek a make-up artist because they can work wonders. I know somebody out there will hook Free up with some services...she might can still ride on her 106 & Park days and get everything done for "free". LOL

The Afro Queen...

Erykah Badu and Q-Tip posted up on the cover of Trace magazine... It looks like they had fun time on set...
Check out Erykah's stance...LOL

Tyra Banks' fallout...

It looks like Tyra Banks is falling out of friends with the Jay Manuel. You know he has a show on the Style Network and hosts Canada's Next Top Model show. I guess Tyra feels she helped make him famous and he took it and ran with it. She can't even hate on that...Tyra's dress is fitting snug like a glove...maybe it's that tight material. LOL

Nas & Kelis...

Nas and Kelis spotted out and about in Hollywood. Oh, ok..Nas is kicking some "Allstar's"...

On the other hand, Kelis' boots look like they were a pretty good buy from the thrift store...LOL

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lauren London...

Lauren London is a cute girl but she looks different on the cover of Jewel might be the eye make-up.Well, you know her from the movie ATL, and a couple of Pharell's videos...also, it was rumored that she and Lil Wayne was together...hopefully, she can do better than Weezy. He is all up under his daddy Birdman too much. LOL

All coupled up...

Alexis + Kanye & Kelis + Nas= "The men not happy to be there with the girls." LOLWhy are the men looking all don't hurt to smile.

Smile Nas...LOL

Congrats to Halle!

Halley Berry welcomes her new arrival....How about that...a 7lb 4 oz baby girl!!
By the way, I heard she had a "natural birth"...I guess the news felt it was worth mentioning because you know some Hollywood moms would consider this the "old fashion way"...I wonder why C-Sections are so popular with them, maybe they can get a tummy tuck in one operation. LOL

Anyway, Congrats to Halle...she is cute as a button.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Reggie Bush & Kim...

Must be nice to soak up some sun in the Dominican Republic with Reggie Bush.

Kim K, and Reggie Bush are coupled up on the beach.

Toni Braxton...

Long see...(unless you've been to her shows in Las Vegas) Songstress, Toni Braxton was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills.
Toni is still looking fabulous!

Erykah is back...

Erykah Badu looks fabulous...Her afro looks soft & fluffy. LOL Check out the April issue of Essence, for the scoop on what's going on with Erykah.

I know she has a son named Seven and a daughter named Puma.

Do you...Kelly Rowland....

There is something about Kelly...

I just can't figure it out?!....LOL
You guess it right if you said it looks like she has "more up top" looks like Kelly underwent the knife and got some surgery done...she admits to getting a breast implants because she wanted to "fit in designer outfits". She went from a A-cup to a B-cup.

Rest in Peace...

A private memorial service was held this week for Joy Deleston and her daughters.

The funeral will take place this Saturday in her hometown in South Carolina.
Sheriff Joy Deleston worked hard to support her family...she was an actress and Deputy Sheriff for Gwinnett County. Her 17 year old son, pictured hugging his mother, is accused of committing three counts of murder.
This is so sad. My prayers go out to the Deleston Family and Juvenile.

Akon buys a new crib....


Akon buys a 1.65 million dollar house in Alpharetta. (a ritzy neighborhood outside of Atlanta)

photo: Lester Cohen

Must be nice... to have a six-bedroom, 8 baths, a huge kitchen with 4 sinks, 2 ovens, spa, and fitness room (just to mention a few amenities in the home)

Winning Grammy's have definaetly paid off for Akon...Congrats!

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