Monday, January 28, 2008

Beyonce fever...

Beyonce will play jazz singer Etta James in her next upcoming movie called "Cadillac Records" Looks like another "Dreamgirls" movie in the works...


Friday, January 25, 2008

I want to be like Mike...

Here's a photo of the limited edition Jordan's called XX3. They are so cute but they are so pricey. I like the colors...Go UNC (Tarheels)!!

For $230. you might can get a pair...Oops, there are only 23 pairs and only 1 store(Walter's) in Atlanta that will have them. Jordan fans waited in the bitter cold for "Walters" to open. Hopefully they have their size in stock.

P.Diddy girls...

Check out P. Diddy's "Making the Band" girl group Danity Kane.

We forgot all about them...I guess King magazine is trying to help them stay relevant or they just ran out of artists to put on the cover.

Creative album covers...

Janet's album cover reminds me Soulja Boy's sunglasses...I am not feeling the "white-out"look. LOL

I think Erykah Badu's cover is the baddest! It has a creative edge to it along with a message. (I'll have to figure out the message though) LOL
One thing about Erykah, homegirl keeps it real......listen to "bag lady" and "Tyrone"..LOL

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day (early)...

Get ready Flavor of Love Fans...This is what you have to look forward to:
Flavor Flav rocking oil sheened, flat ironed hair sticking straight on top of his head, a velvet jacket, and a grill.
I wonder if New York will like his new look. LOL
Flavor Flav looks a usual!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Say it ain't so...

Lil Wayne was booked on drug charges in Yuma (Arizona) on 3 felony drug charges.

photo: Rick Diamond/

Maybe since he is "stuntin like his daddy"...he can call "birdman" to try to get him out.
A place called Yuma, reminds me of a desert or something...I bet he was quite noticable driving through that town and he was probably pulled over for speeding or something and that's when they found a gold mine in his car.Who knows?? When will Mr. Dufflebag boy ever learn?

Steve Harvey has a bald head...

Steve Harvey "mows the lawn on top of his head"...He cut his hair off to go bald. I guess this is a good look for him...After all he's in 50's and still fly...I give him his props...LOL
Check out Jet to see Mr. Harvey show off his new physique...since he's been hitting the gym.

Keyshia Cole sports a new look

Looks like Key-Key has slimmed down...she lost some weight for 2008. ( I like her checkered pumps)

She visited TRL/MTV and showed off her new tattoo..."Have Faith" is inked all over her neck. I personally think tattoos written on your neck are so tacky but the message is on point and one to live by.

Was Eddie and Tracey's marriage a Joke...

Even before the newlyweds could fly back to the states...

Tracey and Eddie was married for about 2 weeks before they called it quits.
photo: George Burns The wedding was set in a picturesque tropical island, called Bora Bora. I guess Tracey was attracted to the "funny man's" movie characters but when they got home he was acting like Norbit's wife in real life. Or each day, she didn't know who he day he's the Nutty Professor and the next he's the donkey from Shrek. That's not's scary...

Heath Ledger passed away at 28...

Brokeback Mountain actor Heath Ledger was found dead by his housekeeper and massaeuse in his New York apartment. It was reported that sleeping pills & anti-depressants were by his bed and he possibly overdosed. Read more in New York Daily News
click here

Heath was also set to play the Joker in "Batman" movie.

He leaves behind a 2yr old daughter...Sad news in Hollywood.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Congrats to the King family...

Martin Luther King III, is proud to announce that he is married and they are expecting the King's first grandbaby.
Congrats! I know for sure Dr. Martin Luther King would be so proud and it is like a dream come true for their family. He also mentioned that they will be naming thier daughter after his sister, Yolanda. How cute...

I like her dress but the red lipstick has to go. LOL

Erykah Badu

Is that U....Erykah BadU?

She is sporting a super sized fro...looks like she should have a role in Norbit. What do you think? She could have played his sister or something. LOL

There's something about 50cents...

Yes, 50 does have something to smile about....
Looks like 50 cents got a new you think this is an upgrade or do you like his smile "as-is" LOL

I am going to co-sign on the new look. Looks great to me!

The Divas and Scarf man....

Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Jay-Z attended the Versace show in Milan.
They all looked nice and elegant. Kelly is really cheesing up something though.
What's up with Jay-Z and his good luck charm,....his famous "plaid scarf"
I guess he is trying to make a fashion statement becuase he has been wearing it a lot lately. Give it a rest Jay, give it a rest!

Body Art...A serious Katt Williams fan

Katt Williams is a funny dude but,it's not that serious!!

This is what you call a "true fan"...homegirl went overboard with professing her love for him. this is one ugly tattoo!!
I bet he is thinking to himself "is this girl crazy" this don't even look like ME. LOL

Nate Dogg suffered a stroke

It has been reported that Nate Dogg suffered a stroke before Christmas. MTV News

Nate is paralyzed on his left side of his body. I hope he regains strength and can return to singing. I really like his deep voice and hooks. His voice can really make a record.
Wishing him a full recovery.

photo: Frazer harrison/Getty image

Usher dad passed away

Usher Raymond's father passed away over the weekend. His illness has not be reported at this time.
Usher and his wife has a baby boy also named Usher Raymond V.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s last speech

Happy MLK Day!
We need you Dr. King, you are greatly missed!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What not to wear!

Kelis is trying to change things up in 2008. This hairstyle fits her but Peanut Butter jacket and socks gots to go. She rocked the high wasisted jeans better in her "Bossy"video. Boo! this look doesn't work for her.

This look works for her. The yellow dress is dazzling. But you know Kelis has to add the black gloves

LaLa and Ciara

What's up with the matching bags and hair? Carmelo Anthony's #1 fan, Lala was spotted at the Nuggets & Hawks game.

She really lost the baby fat, after their son was born. She and Ciara looks like twins!!

Rudy Huxable

Keisha Pulliam Knight was in the house for the Atlanta Hawks game too. I guess when the celebrities come out they get a win. The Hawks beat the Denver Nuggets 104 -93. Yeah!!

Back to Rudy, I remember hearing that her and Chingy was a couple and he lived with her but they are broken up now. I hope he wasn't trying to use her & spend her Cosby Show money. By the way, he is trying to make a comeback with his "Fly Like Me" song. I like the Amerie chorus part but Chingy need sit down somewhere with his tattoo self. LOL

Friday, January 11, 2008

Beyonce wears heels with everything....

Beyonce was so wrong for the heels with this outfit. Come on B, the hot pink striped work-out capri's...Girl stop. LOL

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's a boy for Monica...

Songstress Monica welcomes a baby boy, weighing in at 5lbs 6 ozs.This makes baby #2 for Monica and her rapper boyfriend, Roc.


Ciara at Hawks game

Ciara was spotted at the Atlanta Hawks game last night.

King "LeBron" James and his Cavs team, just couldn't get the job done against the Hawks. Ha, ha, we walked away with a "W"...81 to 90, Go, Atlanta Hawks!!

Beyonce at Nets game

Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Kanye are posted up on front row at the Nets vs Supersonics game.

They are all smiles...the NJ Nets beat the Seattle Supersonics in a 99 - 88 win.

Beyonce takes time from watching the Nets win, to autograph a fan's cast.

I guess this "happy camper" can go to school the next day showing proof that he met Beyonce at the New Jersey game. Awesome!! LOL

Tyra covers Essence

Tyra Banks admits being lonely in Essence magazine.

I’d go to work [on ‘The Tyra Banks Show’], and women would be crying in my arms. But then I’d go home and put my key in my door and … nothing. No friends, no husband, no children. I feel so full when I’m at work but so empty when I come home.”

(It's ok. Tyra. It's ok.) will all come one day. Patience is key.


Kelis is in the House...

Long time no see from Kelis...She was spotted @ Tao club in Las Vegas during the New Year celebration.
Cute banana yellow dress & I see she is letting her hair grow out. That's so Fab!

Mario is all hugged up with K, I know Nas is there somewhere.

Friday, January 4, 2008

P.Diddy's twin girls...

Happy New Year! I'm trying to get back into the groove of things, I've been enjoying the holidays...

well, it looks like D'Lila and Jesse Combs were named U S magazines "Babies of the Year"in '07.

Good for them...with their chubby selves. LOL
Funny Animations @

Beyonce plays games too...

Kanye West and Beyonce plays a game of Connect 4. Beyonce looks like she has "Connected Four" on Kanye! Red wins! LOL

Kanye looks like he is concentrating hard and still let B, beat him at his own game. But it's so good to see him smiling and coping with the lost of his mom.

photos via Kanye's blog


Word is that Kim K and Reggie Bush are engaged? What? If this is true, More power to them...I guess everybody wants a 'baller', but Kim need to sit down some where with that tye-dye dress although she is "wearing it" but the pattern is so off...this girl loves attention, I guess her VH1 show & Ray J tape wasn't enough.


Is Tracey and Eddie really married? The island (Bora, Bora) where
they had planned to marry requires that a couple must be there for 30 days before a marriage can be arranged, so I guess they came back to the States to tie the knot.

Anyway, Congrats to "The Nutty Professor"...they should submit this picture to Jet magazine. I know you check out that "wedding section" in there too. LOL

Mary J. is #1

Mary J. Blige's album has reached #1 on the charts... She is proving that she is doing "Just Fine" after being in the buisness for over a decade. You

Go Girl!! I like your style.

Today's Gossip is..

Today's Gossip is..