Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jada covers Shape magazine...

Jada Pinkett Smith... gracing the cover of the August issue of Shape magazine...

She looks fit and trim in her banana yellow swim suit. U go Jada!

Baby Knight Jones is here...

Congrats to Nas and Kelis...their baby son has arrived.

I hope they can make it for the sake of the child.

Coupled up?

Trina and Kenyon Martin all hugged up...since basketball season is over, I guess, they find more time for this...

So, it looks like Trina don't have any ink markings on her arm. He has enough for everybody. hee! hee!

Solange's new look

I guess her new hair cut looks cool for the summer time... Solange can always "put a wig on it"...when she get bored of the same look.

Is Solange's new look, hot or not?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chris Brown apologizes...

Chris Brown has issued an apology to the community and his fans...

Was he sincere? I think so, because it took him a while to think about his actions and he knows that it is not acceptable. Hopefully, Rihanna will forgive him..although, I know she can not forget how the media and the fans responded to the incident.

Monica and Who?

Who is that with Monica? LOL I've read some where that his name is Christian. If he's the Christian that I see in the Atlanta hair salon books, then he's a fabulous make up artist! Wow, he does have a powdery face though. hee! hee!

Monica "Still Standing" album...

Monica's new album, "Still Standing" will drop on October 13th!

You go girl! ATL, represent!


Well, it looks like Christina Millan is going to soon be Mrs. "The -Dream"...word is, he presented the latina beauty with some bling-bling (engagement ring) and popped the question. I wonder what Neivea thinks bout this? Oh, she's pregnant with Lil Wayne's who cares...

Kelis having the baby?

Well, word is out that Kelis is in labor today. Nas is reportedly by her side in a New York hospital. Congrats to them...I wonder if their son will be named after Nas?

Nas and Kelis...during happier times in the marriage.

Why is T.I. portrayed as "controlling?"

Both of them are little why is T.I. portrayed on the Tiny and Toya show as being controlling? Tiny is holding things down the best she can so why is T.I. trying to be King of the house while being locked up? Maybe they are just doing all of this for "tv"...I guess you got to have some drama some where.

Trey Songz album cover?

Trey Songz "READY" album is set to be in stores 1st of September! Go cop that!
What's up with all the tats? But, Trey is really making my Day, with those abs...Nicce.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Karrine's book..."The Vixen Manual"

Karrine need to stop it, I say! She explains "The Vixen Manual"...

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Keri Hilson...banana Hammer pants..

Don't tell me that this look is trying to make a comeback...

Keri Hilson is trying to rock the motherland ear rings and the MC Hammer pants...girl stop!

Congrats in order for her winning the new artist award at the BET awards...Atlanta represent!!

Whitney's bacccck!

Whitney Houston's album will be in stores soon....I like this look on her...

Go head, Whitney...looking healthy, and vibrant!

Tiny shows off her ring...

We guess, T.I. liked it so he put a ring on it! (from jail while she celebrated her birthday) Congrats to Tiny....

I guess, she showed y'all....

Today's Gossip is..

Today's Gossip is..